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KOHO, not coho

Did you know?

We reached back hundreds of years to choose a name for Yachats' newest neighborhood. 

Working closely with the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, we've learned a great deal about this region's rich cultural heritage.

KOHO refers not to salmon — that’s coho — but to a game played by early Native Americans on this very property.  

Koho, a word unique to the Yachats band of Indians — a subset of the Alsi, or Alsea, tribe — was a stickball game, similar to field hockey, that was played on this special five-acre field situated above the rocky bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Research shows that other North American Indians played a similar game, known as shinny, but that the Alsi were the only group to adopt the word koho for their game.





Blue sky, cool breeze, endless ocean — It's summer in Yachats!



Yachats: Quirky Charm 

The word is out: We're beautiful, charming & quirky!

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"While all of the towns on the central Oregon Coast had their own unique charm and draw, my favorite was the quaint town of Yachats."

Formerly home to the Shamrock Lodgettes, KOHO is a fresh face on the same gorgeous setting:

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Paris. New York. Bali. Yachats!

Arthur Frommer, founder of the world-renowned travel guides bearing his name, shares his 10 favorite travel destinations — and includes Yachats, Oregon on his list.

"A tiny seaside town," he writes, "and yet with several gourmet restaurants (featuring Dungeness Crab at some), a number of small motel-like lodgings, and a good beach — in sum, the ideal spot for a stop in the course of a motoring trip along the breathtaking (and largely undeveloped) Oregon coast."

Frommer's Top Destinations:

Sanibel Island, Florida
Bali, in Indonesia
Paris, France
St. John, U. S. Virgin Islands
Cairo, Egypt
Bonaire, in the Caribbean
, on the Oregon Coast
Chiang Rai, Thailand
New York City's Greenwich Village


KOHO featured in The Yachats Gazette

Editor Allen Taylor, left, with Drew Rieseck.

The Yachats Gazette recently featured KOHO, the town's newest neighborhood. Here's an excerpt from the interview with Allen Taylor, the eight-year-old editor:

The Yachats Gazette spoke with Drew Myron Rieseck and David Rieseck, co-owners and creators of KOHO.

TYG: How many people are you employing on this project?

Drew: We’re using all local people; we have a local contractor, Todd Norwood, who’s done tons of homes on the coast, so he knows all about how to build for our conditions. Our weather conditions are really severe and unique; we build differently, we use different materials here than you do inland, so he has a lot of experience with that. And he’s subcontracted everyone locally as well. So that means all our tile work, and another guy who’s doing plaster, a guy who’s doing siding. All together, we employ about 40 local workers. 

TYG: “Koho” is an Indian name, I’m guessing?

Drew: It’s a Native American game that was played on this very property! Which I think is a really cool tie-in. We talked to Robert Kentta, with the Siletz Confederated Tribes, he’s the cultural director, a very cool guy. And he knows all about the history here. He said: “Well, you know, you may have to play that stick ball game on your property. It’s called Koho.” It’s a name unique to this area. Waldport didn’t use that name, it was just this area. [...] So we’re also going to use a lot of historical photos, and tie-backs to the area so that we can maintain some of that.

TYG: That’s amazing!

For the full story, go here.


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